• 01. Anxiety
    02. Poor No More
    03. Go! Go! Go!
    04. Buried Alive
    05. Mind Your Own Business
    06. Get Out Of My Face
    07. Girl Anymore (I Don't wanna)
    08. Need For Speed
    09. Doo Wop
    10. Rosemary Kennedy


    Go! Go! Go!

    [engl] In fact we must confess that if we had to choose at this moment a reference band in the US or in AU of what many name "egg", "weird" or as we like to call it "punk" it would probably be this huge line-up. We can't help it, these three youngsters who also add a fucking drilling synth to their hyper-accelerated tennis-core-lofi-garage of infamous guitar sound, stole our hearts from the very first moment I’ve really fallen in love with this album. A great combo of sounds: hard-edged synth-punk rhythms below with a charming disaffected vocal on top. With just one listen to their upcoming LP, it becomes evident that Busted Head Racket shares a kindred spirit with modern punk. Their music radiates an electrifying energy, bursting through the speakers with campy hooks and exhilarating restlessness. While their songs are irresistibly catchy, it's their lyrics that truly shine, offering a whimsical sense of humor. From humorous odes to fast food to insightful explorations of human relationships and the dynamics of personal agendas, Busted Head Racket delves into the intricacies of how people interact with one another. Prepare to be captivated by their zany synth punk sound and infectious enthusiasm. The Busted Head Racket LP on Erste Theke Tonträger is set to be a must-have addition to any punk music collection. Don't miss out on this exhilarating musical experience!

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