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    I'm With God

    [engl] The Cesarians were born in Hackney, the London borough synonymous with poverty, punk, and politics, a district that mixes multi-culture with gangster glamour. It was here, one winter, in a damp pub cellar, that the legendary producer, Craig Leon, first auditioned the band. Whisking them off across town to the leafy and gentile environs of St John’s Wood, they cut their debut album in Abbey Road’s infamous studio 2. But London was not their calling. They set off, touring Europe, gigging the major cities - Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Zurich, Berlin and Rome - and feverishly playing all the towns in between as if in search of another home. Returning from a show in Prague at the dead end of 2010 they got the call. “How about Christmas in Italy?” Well naturally. Wasn’t it here that the great English Romantic poets chose to winter? But this wasn’t to be a time of hibernation for the Cesarians. Though they had found a home away from the London snow, in the shadow of the Apennine, they also found a studio. And as England dozed, fed up with it’s bland seasonal faire, The Cesarians were cooking. The result: A blistering new five track EP that the moves from the brooding menace of “In Your House” to the orchestrated and opiated haze (and highs) of “I’m With God”. It screams and blasphemes with Clash like savagery in the anthemic “Worst Thing” then redeems it’s self sweetly with the sad melody of “School Yard” and the lonely poetry of “Questa è lei”. I don’t believe in God . . . but I do believe in The Cesarians.

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    Das Label schreibt: "Electric Electric plays pop music with complex outlines, its own vision of 'dance music'." Stimmt!
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