• 01. La Carte
    02. Nos Ventre Nus
    03. La Grande Ville Malade
    04. L'électricité
    06. La Boucle Du Vent
    07. L'insecte Dans Ma Bouche
    08. Livide Est La Nuit
    09. La Passagère
    10. Maud La Nuit


    La passagère

    [engl] Sophomore album by Marietta, La Passagère follows Basement Dreams Are The Bedroom Cream (Born Bad Records, 2015), which was lauded by French daily newspaper Liberation, magazines Les Inrockuptibles, Magic, New Noise and online magazine Noisey. After touring with his band for two years and playing well-received concerts at Villette Sonique, Rock en Seine, Levitation Festival, Musiques Volantes, Bars en Trans, laureate of leading French development prize Fair 2017 Guillaume Marietta has come back with nine songs written in French for the first time. The album was recorded in Los Angeles by Chris Cohen, singer-songwriter and producer extraordinaire, with two albums signed on Captured Tracks and past member of Deerhoof and The Curtains. Mixed by Kenneth Gilmore, permanent member of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, who counts in his mixing catalogue Front Row Seat To Earth by Weyes Blood and My Dreams Dictate My Reality by SOKO. A carnal, sensual, hallucinating and melancholic record, fed by representations of the woman, the modern city, self-abandon, paranoia and redemption. La Passagère is inhabited by the ghosts of Syd Barret and Lou Reed, and nods to contemporary productions by Kurt Vile, Cate Lebon, Tim Presley, Kevin Morby, and of course Chris Cohen.
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