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    Beer Baby

    [engl] Australia's unrivalled purveyors of hard-hitting tunes, Drunk Mums, are storming back onto the music scene in 2024 after a four-year hiatus that felt like a never-ending hangover. Get ready to raise your glasses because these mums are back on the bottle with a brand-new album, set to detonate in March. Prepare yourself for an electrifying experience as Drunk Mums deliver ten relentless, no-holds-barred party anthems that leave no room for sadness, emotions, or rational thinking. They've discarded all that baggage, turning it into fertile ground for a relentless, no-BS, good-time rock 'n' roll explosion. Recorded at the legendary Hot House studio with Jez at the helm and masterfully fine-tuned by the Bear, no expense was spared in crafting their sonic masterpiece, aptly named "BEER BABY." It's a cocktail of sound that'll intoxicate your senses like never before. Sobriety is a thing of the past as the Drunk Mums gear up to cash in their drink tickets at dive bars across the globe. It's time to embrace the chaos and join this rowdy bunch o
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    Bleib Blöd

    Auszug aus den Trashrock Archives über Punk in Österreich von Al Bird Dirt: "Sensationell schleißiger Sound!" meint Götz Schrage, in den frühen Achtzigern Musikredakteur beim "Wiener" und Blümc
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    Cucciolone classico

    Wie schon in der Serie hat sich jetzt auch der Dark Night des Garagepunks seines Helfers Robin entledigt und macht die Nächte solo unsicher. Schräg bleibt der dunkle Rächer trotzdem, eigentlich wir
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    Wicked Ways

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    [engl] Austrian Punk band from Feldkirch, Vorarlberg - active 1977-1981. One of Austria's first punk bands, connected closely to the Swiss scene.
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    Change Your Life

    [engl] The Sueves blast forth with a blizzard of treble-soaked noise, and once Joe's spidery guitar, along with Rob's vicious bass lines, and Andy's shambolicly acute drumming really kick in toge
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    PLEXI 3

    Tides of change

    [engl] Bachelor is concentrating on putting out vinyl singles by young bands which simply kick ass, no matter what style they play or what scene they could fit into. BUT: When I gave my boss a CDR with the P
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