• 01. Where Are You Tonight
    02. Break My Heart
    03. Dream Away
    04. I Know You're In Love Again
    05. Drop By And Stay
    06. Ariel
    07. Don't Leave Me Now
    08. Fun At Your House (remake)
    09. Hearts Will Be Broken
    10. Dresden Station
    11. Come And Get It
    12. Almost
    13. The Farewell Song
    14. You Got It


    The coming of spring

    Reports on the death of rock and roll are greatly exaggerated. As evidence, may I present Rachael Gordon. This California singer is the antidote to today's stale cookie cutter music scene, mixing rock, folk and pop for a sound uniquely her own. Assembling a crack team of San Diego's best musicians and writers, Rachael has put together as strong a collection of original tunes as you're likely to hear- ''The Coming Of Spring''. It really is an incredible collection of songs. From the sonic blast of ''Where Are you Tonight'' to the girl group magic of ''Fun At Your House'', this is a classic music disc, destined to stand with your favorite albums from the last 4 decades. In addition to great new custom tunes from the pens of Mendoza, Brandes, Penalosa, Croce, Von Snierden and Barajas - all names that should be familiar to any discerning pop fan- homage is also paid to influences, with songs by Badfinger, Piper and the Baby's, as well as a version of the Records ''Hearts In Her Eyes'', one of the albums highlights. ''The Coming Of Spring'' truly portrays Rachael's musical vision, and is only the opening salvo in a new release schedule- look for more recordings and tour dates soon. ''The Coming Of Spring'' is an essential pop purchase, the perfect music for anyone who likes their tunes vibrant, rocking, inspired, and delivered with a manic conviction. This is an album meant to be played loud, sung along to, and then played again. Quite likely, one of the best albums of the year..

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