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    The tape

    This is THE vinyl-version of the 16 tracks, recorded prior to their Zulu album (KILL ROCK STARS), and until now having been only available as a cassette! And of you think Zulu was great, then you will be amazed how INCREDIBLE these 16 songs are! Listening to Hardcore-Punk now for more than 20 years, there's hardly anything (if anything at all!) in this genre that really blows me away and gets me totally excited... but these tracks surely did so! It is like a perfect combination of early BLACK FLAG with VOID (the legendary DC-band), all transferred into the 21st century, or like a mix of BORN AGAINST with MONORCHID/SKULL KONTROL! Almost forgot to mention it, the WRANGLER BRUTES feature the following persons: Sam McPheeters (BORN AGAINST, MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT), Andy Coronado (MONORCHID, SKULL KONTROL, etc...), Brooks Headley (UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON, YOUNG PIONEERS, BORN AGAINST, etc...) and Cundo Si Murad (DEATH DRUG, NAZTI SKINS)!

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    AC/DC SIDES 7-10

    [engl] Featuring AC/DC-cover-versions by DENISON KIMBALL TRIO, ZEEK SHECK, MOUNT SHASTA and KILLDOZER! The first two installments of this series, Double-7” "SIDES 1-4" resp. "SIDES 5&6" 7"Single are COMPLE
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    Famous shoppers

    full album by this electro-pop-punk duo from Philadelphia, with 11 songs of catchy and bouncy synthesizer-and-guitars-punk, in the same vein as bands like LE TIGRE or TRACY & THE PLASTICS, but also wi
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    ROOM 101

    Vox Humana

    [engl] This is ONE MAN recording and playing everything on this three song EP – and it's no less than a FUCKING POWERHOUSE! No hackneyed cliche of Hardcore, like most of contemporary bands do! You'
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    The chrome panthers

    This record contains all new recordings by the EX MODELS, now reduced to a twopiece with Shahin Motia and Zach Seconds, joined by drummer Kid Millions of ONEIDA! Following up to the split-7''
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    Double O-Yeah...And Other Hits

    Double O-Yeah
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    Solo- Album von EA80 Mastermind Martin Kircher. 11 Tracks minimal Electronic, Noise- Pop, Art-Rock and Avantgarde Non-Music. Die Songs, die nur mit Stimme, Gitarre und Keyboards instrumentiert sind (d
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